Sharon was born in Toronto, Canada in 1976.

She went to Florence, Italy in 1996 to study Art History while assisting in an Art Restoration Workshop.

In 1997 she was introduced to the Charles Cecil Studio in Florence, an Art Academy that offers its students a curriculum modeled after that of the major realist ateliers of the 19th century. There she completed meticulous charcoal drawings of classical sculptures and academic renderings of the nude. After a year of study in the Atelier setting, she took a private studio in Florence and began painting portraits from life, exploring landscape painting, etching, and sculpture.

From 2000-2002, she apprenticed in the private studio of Richard Serrin, an American artist whose techniques were based upon those of the 16th and 17th Century masters. For two years she and professor Serrin worked together on a large-scale mythological compositions with focus on the elements of composition and analysis of human anatomy through drawing from the figure daily.

In 2012 Sharon moved her studio from Italy to Montreal, Canada where she is currently working on a new body of work.


represented by: Ingram Gallery