February 2014:
Group Exhibition
Ingram Gallery. Toronto, Canada.

March 2010:
54 The Gallery
Mayfair, London, England.

September 2009:
Solo Exhibition. "Paramount Pictures."
Ingram Gallery. Toronto, Canada.

January 2009:
Solo Exhibition
Hart Gallery. Palm Desert, California. U.S.A

November 2007:
Sharon Okun's works at The Hart Gallery
The Hart Gallery, Palm Desert. California. U.S.A

October 2007:
Toronto International Art Fair
Represented by Ingram Gallery Toronto Convention Center, Canada

July 2007:
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
City Hall, Nathan Phillips Square

April 2007:
Solo Exhibition - "She Saw"
Ingram Gallery. Toronto, Canada.

March 2007:
Exposition. Hulies,Dessins,Sumi-e'.
Galerie Saint Roch. Paris, France.

November 2006:
Toronto International Art Fair.
Represented by the Ingram Gallery. Toronto Convention Center. Canada

April 2006:
54 The Gallery
Mayfair, London, England.

February 2006:
"Fresh In '06"
Ingram Gallery. Toronto, Canada.

July 2005:
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
City Hall, Nathan Phillips Square.

March 2005:
54 The Gallery
Mayfair, London. England.

December 2004:
Blake Lapthorn Linell Art Exhibition
Oxford, England.

July 2004:
Collective Exhibition of Painting
The Old Fire Engine House Gallery. Ely, Cambridge, England.

June 2004:
Fine Art Exhibition: 12 International Painters
Atelier Harp. Piazza della Repubblica. Florence, Italy.

March 2004:
Fine Art and Antiques Fair
Olympia, London, England. Represented by The Panter and Hall Gallery.

November 2003:
Private Exhibition
Residence of a Collector in London, England.

May-November 2003:
"Still Classical- Recent Works on Paper from Florentine Studios and Academies"
exhibition travelled to:
Westbeth Art Gallery, Greenwhich, New York. U.S.A
Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island. U.S.A
Palazzo Cenci, Rome. Italy

April 2003:
54 The Gallery
Shepherds Market, Mayfair, London, England.

November 2002:
Kunstevent Art Exhibition
Salon d'Art, Bouwcentrum, Antwerp, Belgium.

June 2002:
"Sulle Orme dell'Arte"- Collective Exhibition of Painting
Villa Vespucci, Florence, Italy.

May 2001:
Concorso della Pittura- Art Competition

November 2001:
Exhibition of Drawings
British Institute, Florence. Italy.